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Today, due to the economy, job losses and foreclosures, home ownership is at its lowest. Almost 80% of families today CANNOT qualify for a traditional home loan. Our company mission is to provide programs that open the doors to 100% of the individuals and families who want to own a home. We have the know how, resources, team and commitment to support you down you own path to homeownership that is but a passing thought for so many in America today.

Our company is committed to the American Dream of home ownership for everyone who wants it. As a proud member of the nationwide network of Affordable Housing Providers, we are committed to offering proven programs including creative financing and credit repair to overcome the obstacles many face when wanting to own.

During this presentation, you'll learn:

  • Who we are
  • About our unique program
  • Some of the costly mistakes many buyers make
  • How we are different than traditional sellers
  • Benefits we can provide you over a typical seller
  • How you can buy a house today!


Today's presenter:

Dominique Hart

Manager | Chief Housing Counselor | Speaker
Certified affordable Housing Provider®
National Legacy Partners

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